With a name like GEAUX, you probably think I must be from Louisiana. Well...not quite. While I am not originally from Louisiana, I did go to college there (but probably not the one you are thinking of) and not only did I get my education there, I also met my wife there. So when I asked my family to help me come up with a name for our hammock, guess what her idea was...you guessed it... “GEAUX Hammock”, which is a Cajun/French way to spell “go hammock”. In Louisiana, the word GEAUX represents extreme passion and a strong belief in something and she knew in my case, it was hammocks. So we trademarked the name "GEAUX Hammock" as well as our tag line "Don't you wanna GEAUX?" and well...here we are!




A passion that turned into a hobby, that turned into a business.

My entire life I have loved camping in the great outdoors. It didn't matter if it was summer or winter, hot or cold, I wanted to be outside in nature. I loved sleeping, cooking and eating outside and I always camped in a tent...until six years ago, when I made my first hammock. I used it on a 3 day float trip/camp out with my son and had the best nights sleep I have ever had while camping. Funny thing though, I enjoyed making the hammock as much as I did using it.

Making that one hammock set off a chain of events that would change everything. Before I knew it, I was making hammocks for close friends and family members and even started getting orders from people I didn't know. Over that next year, I had made and sold around two hundred hammocks and I was getting more orders than I could keep up with so, I hired a couple of people to help me sew. Our little hobby business continued to grow over the next year and people were raving about how comfortable our hammock was.  Because of all of the positive feedback we were receiving, I had an idea that maybe we could sell our hammocks to a few retail stores but I knew in order to do that, we would have to increase our production capacity.  So we started a small commercial production facility right here in the USA. Once that was up and running, I hit the road talking to independent outdoor gear stores about the advantages in quality and comfort GEAUX Hammocks had over the hammocks they were currently selling. Honestly, it didn't take a lot of selling, all it took was for them to try it out. When they did, they were sold. We were fortunate that our hammocks were picked up and sold in retail outlets including state parks, nature centers, college bookstores and and some of the most respected independent outdoor gear stores in the south.




While we were commercially producing our hammocks, we were still getting orders for custom work which I was personally sewing. It was becoming increasingly hard to balance being on the road, making custom gear and being a family man so in the beginning of 2018, I decided to focus our efforts entirely on our online and custom order sales. By doing that, we are able to offer the customer lower prices on our hammocks, add more options for the hammock camper, stock our hammocks in six colors and and have time to make special order custom gear. We still sew every hammock right here in the USA and I still personally sew all custom gear...for now. Our goal is to hire a few more people in the future so we can expand our stock product selection to include other hammock related gear.

So whether you are new to hammocks or a long time hammock hanger and looking for an extremely comfortable, high quality hammock that is made right here in the USA, I hope you will give us a chance. I promise you will not regret it!